Individual, Personal & Group Counselling

Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Hope & Surrounding Areas.

Individual Counselling, Personal Counselling, or Group Counselling

Counselling does not need to be an “after-the-fact” solution to your life’s problems. Rather, Counselling can provide preventative care for anyone looking to increase his or her overall sense of wellbeing, improve their business relationships, or a myriad of other helpful lifestyle benefits.

Ensuring you are effectively managing life, and the matters that come with it, is not always a seamless reality. That is why seeking counsel before a crisis occurs can increase your sense of contentment, and further create fulfillment within your life.

Whether you have been considering personal Counselling for yourself or your business, or require group Counselling for your company, we ensure that our Counselling services are individualized – no matter how many people are attending a session.

How Personal Counselling Improves Your Health

If you desire to lose weight, or are facing a career move, talking to a counselor can help you make sense of your blockages and concerns, and assist you to getting to where you want to be personally and professionally.

Research has shown, that being able to effectively communicate your feelings has therapeutic benefits to your brain. Having a trained professional teach you how to manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a productive manner, simply makes sense – scientifically and otherwise – for both you, as well as those around you.

As much as we recognize that a strong support group of friends and family can act as a guiding and/or venting post, we also understand that being able to share your concerns in an environment that is both safe, as well as results-driven, can often have you arriving at an emotionally stable place – quicker and safer than with those offering “constructive criticism”.

How Individual Counselling Improves Your Relationships

We often function unconsciously in our day-to-day lives, or perhaps better stated – subconsciously. But being able to live in a conscious manner, without the hyper-awareness becoming a draining factor, is actually a beneficial tool to learn. Not only do individual Counselling services increase your mental awareness, it also provides you with a platform of self-confidence, and allows you to become a well-adjusted pillar in your social or business environments.

Regardless of your problems – past or present – learning how to propel your way out of mental anguish is a life skill that one can benefit from learning.

How Group Counselling Helps Social Spectrums

We are social creatures, no matter if you are a “Chatty Cathy” or a “Church Mouse”, the spectrum matters less than the truth that we all need to be able to learn to converse effectively, and in doing so – enhance our quality of life. Group Counselling or Individual Counselling can help you achieve this.

At Life Choice Counselling, we want to help our clients walk a path that leads to the least resistant, being able to embrace the journey, and effectively solve personal and professional problems as they go.

You don’t have to go through a huge life event or trauma to benefit from Group or Individual Counselling. So allow us to help you avoid these life-altering hiccups, and maintain your mental health before you’re in a position to have to regain it!

If you require Individual, Personal & Group Counselling in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Hope or surrounding areas be sure to give us a call.