Family Mediation

Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Hope & Surrounding Areas.

How Can Mediation Counselling Benefit Me?

Are you curious about how mediation Counselling can help you resolve a dispute? Whether you are faced with a workplace concern, or have undergone a separation or divorce where custody issues, child and spouse maintenance, and division of assets and liabilities has come to a contentious point, a counselor skilled in the mediation process can greatly help your situation.

Family Mediation Counselling Benefits:

  • Increasing your sense of overall wellbeing, despite a stressful situation
  • Stress reduction solutions, resulting in mental peace and better physical health
  • Gaining perspective of the situation, and helping you to connect with others in a beneficial manner
  • Assisting you in working through problems based on objective solving methods
  • Identifying key concerns, and helping you recognize how you can begin implementing changes in order to arrive at a collective goal or result
  • Learning new behaviour modification techniques that can help you communicate more effectively in an ongoing manner, which is especially helpful with custody issues
  • Helping you better understand your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and how to deal with them in a positive fashion
  • Increasing your awareness of trigger behaviours, and how to eliminate these problem-causers before creating a problem
  • Further increasing your communication skills overall
  • Rationalizing your fears in a way that will aid you in minimizing or eliminating them entirely, keeping your objectives and results realistic
  • Creating fulfillment and accomplishing self-mastery within you

The benefits listed above are just a few examples of what mediation Counselling services can provide you with. Although they might seem geared towards self-awareness, this plays a large part in conflict resolutions, and helps to give you the tools you need to maintain a calm sense of self once the mediation is complete.

At Life Choices Counselling, we take your life choices into consideration first and foremost. We aim to understand where you have come from, assisting you in making productive choices, and providing you with positive results.

If you require Family Mediation services in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Hope or surrounding areas be sure to give us a call and let us know how we can help you mediate your situation, quickly and effectively.